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Aeon Blu Sponsors the 3rd BarCampOrlando Event

ORLANDO, FL - BarCampOrlando 2009 is coming to town with the help of Aeon Blu and other local companies.

BarCampOrlando is a bi-annual community event for locals who are passionate about technology and media, and want to participate in a collaborative learning environment.  Attending this year’s event will be developers working in Java, .NET, Ruby, PHP and other technologies. The event offers attendees the opportunity to share their knowledge by giving short talks on subject of their choosing. This creates an exciting event filled with dynamic content, where all involved expect the unexpected. “Every certified and certifiable geek, developer and designer should attend this important cultural event!” said Lance Turner, President of sponsor Aeon Blu.

BarCampOrlando was born of FooCamp, a conference designed as an invitation-only event. As a reaction to the exclusive nature of FooCamp, some of the talented non-invitees brainstormed and took the geek-speak word “foobar” for which FooCamp was named, and broke it apart to create BarCamp in order to provide a collaborative community of passionate participants. Thus, the birth of the open, friendly, free event that we have access to here in Orlando twice a year.

BarCampOrlando will be held on Saturday, April 18th, 2009 from 9am to 6pm at three venues for presentations: Slingapour’s, One Eyed Jacks and Gibson Guitar Center on Wall Street Plaza in downtown Orlando.

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