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Central Florida Earth Day 2010

Central Florida Earth Day 2010


Central Florida Earth Day 2010 is in need of a seismic shift in how the web site's content is presented and managed. The site should be as compelling as the event itself, attracting many people from diverse audiences throughout Central Florida. The information should be public and participant friendly. The event organizers have to make changes and updates regularly, quickly, and easily. In addition to the web, advertising materials such as publication ads, posters, fliers, programs and t-shirts are a must.


Aeon Blu, a second-year sponsor for Central Florida Earth Day, designed and developed the new web presence for the 2010 event. Keeping all of the client's goals in mind, we wanted to provide a comprehensive design that would also serve as a functional "go to" center for all information. We included an innovative initial navigation arrival area to start off the playful relationship between digital oracle and inquiring visitor, enabling the visitor to engage in the experience of Earth Day any day of the week. We consolidated the expanse of informational material into easier-to-manage categories of understandable and more smoothly navigable areas. We also connected the internal pages with clear navigation choices and design and images giving impact to the message of Earth Day. Site visitors are reminded of what they cherish and how they can make a difference.

Facilitating the delivery of information, telling a story, being original, raising awareness, and gaining support; all of these areas were important. To meet the client's requirement for easy management of the site's content, we utilized Aeon Blu's robust and customizable bluHQ content management framework. This provides an admin-friendly interface for the client to edit all of the site's content.

On the marketing front, we served as a marketing consultant and one stop shop for both online and print materials.


Exceeding the client's desired outcome - meeting their business goals while providing an aesthetic experience - is what we set out to do, and from the client's and their visitors' feedback, we've achieved our goal.

What we've created for our wonderful, busy, and happy client is a place for people to get information, clarification, and a universal dose of inspiration.

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