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Central Florida Veg Fest

Central Florida Veg Fest


Create an identity for the Central Florida Veg Fest. The tempeh and potatoes of the work must consist of a content rich poster and corresponding advertisements. The pieces need to provide identifying information for the festival, they must help to promote the event and to attract our existing base along with a previously unreached demographic. Toss into the mix a new Vegetarians of Central Florida logo.


A proud sponsoring partner for Central Florida Veg Fest, Aeon Blu designed a poster for the Central Florida Veg Fest 2009 that incorporates a clear, information-filled area within a symbolic and playful design. The design uses the Golden Mean as a standard for the composition providing an ideal balance to the piece. The main imagery--a carrot, whose above-ground leaves are shown as a tree--illustrates how the simple vegetable is considered to be a staple, a strength. Also, the carrot symbolizes the roots of the community being brought together during this festival. The smaller images surrounding the root are, of course, symbols of local goodness.

In designing the logo for the Vegetarians of Central Florida, we did extensive research of other vegetarian groups worldwide to identify what currently existed globally.  Many existing logos were built from overused typfaces and cliched iconography. We wanted the Vegetarians of Central Florida logo to stand the test of time, while still being unique and interesting.  Our use of a classic and elegant typeface modified with a graphic provided a memorable icon.  We incorporated “Vegetarians of Central Florida” for a more fully descriptive logo. The apple in the logo speaks to the fact that both fruits and vegetables are a part of the vegetarian culture and the apple is also a symbol of health and knowledge.


Feedback from the client was very positive. As the new collateral material is viewed in area publications, we’ve also received positive responses from potential event attendees. The timeless logo design reinforces the client’s savviness and dedication to the local and global community. The poster and ads clearly communicate how an individual can participate in the festival. This makes the client happy; and as we know at Aeon Blu, a happy client is a good client!

We also designed the 2008 poster for Central Florida Veg Fest using similar guidelines. The need was for an iconic call to action feel which turned out to be quite successful.

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