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Concord Music Group

Concord Music Group


Develop and manage Concord Music Group’s many web sites, media assets, and integrated systems. We will need a content management system that powers their web sites and allows their employees and vendors to collaborate and publish easily and instantly from any location. The sites should integrate with many of the company’s internal and back office systems and the content and product information must continuously be accurate and up-to-date.


Aeon Blu teamed-up with Polychrome Studio to design and develop a new web presence for Concord Music Group. Polychrome Studio’s tremendous design, communication and marketing experience blended well with Aeon Blu’s development and technical lead capabilities. Dancing and jubilation commenced and continued to the tunes of John Coltrane, Pancho Sanchez, Elvis Costello, and other greats.
We made album tracks from Concord Music Group’s large catalog of music available for preview using our “blu HQ” media system, where audio & video assets on the site are managed and published.


The result is an effective web site and publishing system that meets the company’s requirements and its customers’ needs. Aeon Blu’s content management system organizes a complex array of information - including artist, album, labels, genres, news, events, blog posts, and banners - which is then integrated from multiple sources, aggregated and distributed. Concord Music Group’s site is seamlessly integrated with order management and shipping systems, and their customer service and warehouse representatives are able to fulfill web, phone and mail orders and manage all aspects of their sales process. P.S. We are still dancing and jubilant--great people and music will do that to you!
The site provides Concord Music Group's customers with a user friendly and intuitive browsing and shopping experience. Customers are able to easily find the music and information they desire, and quickly make secure purchases.

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