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Florida Film Festival

Florida Film Festival


Create an interactive, easily manageable photography gallery area for the Florida Film Festival website. The pages must honor the existing website design while incorporating a logical and clean structure.  A custom area is also needed for each photographer to add their shots of the current day on a daily basis. By the way, the final product is needed in a week.


We designed the new area to include categories for both Events & Festivities and also Portraits, each of those housing subcategories by specific event dates. The back office system was implemented so that each festival photographer could easily upload and organize their work into date and/or event specific galleries, including all regular days and special VIP events throughout the festival.


We experienced increased visitor traffic to the festival website on the day the gallery area launched. Site traffic continued to increase throughout the festival as viewers clicked through to the photo gallery from the main festival page. The festival staff and our team received high praise, specifically for the new gallery area’s well-organized look and “behind the scenes” ease of use. The new area was exciting for people to view,  providing photos of events and festivities as well as intimate portraits of directors, filmmakers, actors and event attendees throughout the festival’s run. The real benefit we brought to the festival was a new bit of fun and imagery that they never had done before. It was unique and first of its kind: looked good, and tasted great.

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