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Playing For Change

Playing For Change


Create a system that allows Playing for Change visitors to make purchases seamlessly, like they do on the existing Concord Music Group site. The time is limited to complete extensive research and code editing. Do not be deterred by the uncontrollable sweat surrounding this groundbreaking and potentially culturally altering release.


We used our own digital download technology for the eCommerce portion of the Playing For Change site. We created a seamless integration of the online store with the existing design using MIVA Merchant as the foundation for the structure, providing the visitor with a pleasant shopping experience. Oh yeah, and we completed this task in under one week.


This dynamic website, which we built in partnership with design firm Polychrome L.A., leverages the power of the internet and non-traditional/digital marketing in combination with the passion of the fans to allow a hugely popular response in the current economic climate. Visitors to the site can preview songs on the Playing For Change album, as well as securely purchase the music either in CD/DVD or digital MP3 formats. We love connecting music and peace lovers worldwide!


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