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Shine On Yoga

Shine On Yoga


Present a class listing with dates, times, descriptions and levels, a similar listing of events and workshops, teacher bios, directions and pricing and a photo gallery. We need to be able to access and edit this information ourselves, as class times changed seasonally, new photos need to be uploaded and other occasional changes will be needed.


Aeon Blu implemented some existing design elements that Shine On was happy with into the redesign of the entire site to provide a visually pleasing, clean and understandable design. Wanting to emulate the calming, wholistic and healing energy that Shine On promotes, we were sensitive to color choice in the design, aligning our sensibilities with theirs, and incorporating visuals from murals currently existing within the Shine On space. We also wanted the site to be dynamic, informative and interesting to navigate, and we used a system of cross referencing data to make any search fruitful. The back office system we developed allows the Shine On administrators to easily make changes to class times and descriptions, upload images and add new information as needed. The next phase will allow them to add visual tags that will help to identify class types and levels and also teacher certifications.


The fruit of our labor is currently a site that is aesthetically beautiful, data rich, and easy to understand and navigate. There is full connectivity between class schedules and teachers, with descriptions of everything offered, including workshops and special programs. A photo gallery of past events is avaible to the viewer to browse, and pricing and location are clearly accessible from any page within the site. The things that make this site a success are not only those listed above, but also the ease with which admins can edit any area through a user-friendly data base interface as necessary.

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